We often hear from businesses that they have been receiving phone calls from “Google” about problems with their search ranking. These callers often suggest that there is a sense of urgency, claiming the business’s Google listing will disappear if they don’t hire the callers to help. These may or may not be scams, but you can rest assured it is not Google calling. (In our experience the only time Google calls is if you are paying to advertise with them).

be extremely cautious before engaging any of these callers

In most cases, these callers represent companies or individuals (some domestic, some foreign and some reputable, some not so reputable) that seek to convince you to pay them several hundred dollars each (and every) month to “help” with your Google rankings.

Our advice is to be extremely cautious before engaging any of these callers. There are local companies (we are one of them) that can help you with both your Google results (aka “SEO,” or “search engine optimization”) and your free Google listing. If in doubt, please reach out to us so we can evaluate what the callers have said or promised. We will not try to sell you additional services, we will simply answer your questions and try to provide sound advice.